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A Common Misconception

Before we begin with some of the benefits of Kratom, let’s clarify a common misconception and learn a little more about how Kratom works.

The main alkaloid found in Kratom is 7-hydroxymitragynine and it primarily deals with the kappa and delta opiate receptors of the brain. Why am I clarifying this?

As you are researching Kratom (the reason you’re here), you may see the plant often being compared to prescription pain medicine. These painkillers are commonly referred to as opiates and effect the u-opioid [mu] receptors. This detail is extremely significant because, as you see, Kratom and prescription painkillers work on two totally different receptors and thus, are completely different. Kratom IS NOT an opiate.

Sure, Kratom’s effects can be similar to an opiate (depending on the specific dose you ingest), but the processes in which these two work are very different. Your typical pain medicine works on the u-opioid [mu] receptor, (which is in charge of feelings of intense euphoria) and this makes them extremely addictive. Kratom, on the other hand, works on the kappa and delta opiate receptors. For more information, please reference this report completed by Pinney Associates. In the meantime, let’s get back to it…

What Kratom Can Do for You

Kratom can be very beneficial for many different reasons. Whether you’re an introvert trying to eliminate anxiety and enhance your social skills, a student trying to concentrate and engage in challenging mental assignments or just needing to uplift your mood during a stressful time, Kratom can give you a hand.

As you’re researching, you’ll also see that those who suffer from depression or previous prescription drug addiction have also utilized Kratom as a tool to obtain a more joyful and improved lifestyle. Want to see proof? Just google “Kratom Saved Me” and you’ll discover a world of individuals who have greatly benefited from this herb.

Many users say it’s the best supplement they’ve ever taken!

Any HIGH QUALITY strain of Kratom (quality is critical) can intensify vitality, ease aches and pains, help you reduce stress and focus more, as well as give your mood a boost. It’s the best natural way for beginning on any of the above and the sky is the limit from there! Cheers to mastering the human experience!

Which Variety of Kratom Should YOU Use?

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